Wabber Applications

Wabber Applications


The Wabber is expanding! We are looking for new people to join our lovely entertainment committee. Once we said joining the Wabber is like a wine tasting, you never know what you get, but you always end up with lots of new experiences and new friends. Besides, there are so many different wines, just like the many different activities we organize. We organize pub quizzes, like the one on Tuesday, karaoke nights, beer pong tournaments, the weekly Borrel (drink) on Thursday nights, and lots more! Our meetings are once every 3 weeks on Monday, where we have dinner together, drink some beers, and discuss upcoming activities.

If you are interested in joining the Wabber, don’t hesitate to sign up for the applications on October 20 by sending an email to entertainment@idun.nl! Who knows, maybe you’ll end up riding a Pegasus!

Mythical greetings,

De Wabber