The Werewolves of Millers Hollow

The Werewolves of Millers Hollow

These are strange times in Miller’s Hollow, strange times indeed! It all began when the villagers had to stay inside for quarantine. While this was easier for some than most, with the help of whatsapp and other social media everyone in Miller’s Hollow found their way eventually in this quarantine. But on the morrow everything changed, one of the villagers hadn’t been online for over two days. The villagers sent out their best detective to investigate. But when he returned with his face as pale as the moon. The detective had found the house and… what was left of the villager. Amidst claw marks and splashes of blood he could identify the body, but the horror o’ the horror. Who could do such a thing, or perhaps what could do such a thing? While it was clear for the residents of Miller’s Hollow that their quarantine had just became a lot more dangerous, they could not even begin to understand the horror in their midst… 

Join me and the residents of Miller’s Hollow in the pursuit for the terrible creatures that haunt Miller’s Hollow every night. Who knows, you might just make it out alive. But hurry because midnight, and all the terrible things that come with it, is not far away...

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