Symposium Utopia: to the future and beyond

Symposium Utopia: to the future and beyond

Symposium Utopia

We are all quite familiar with the lockdown situation nowadays. That is why we as a committee were already dreaming about the time that will come, the future and far beyond that. We are dreaming of a Utopia! Symposium Utopia will provide some insight into that future:


Tuesday 6th of April ‘’Our Future Health”

13.00h Prof. Dr. Wim van der Poel on “What can be done to prevent the next pandemic”

15.00h Workshop Yoga


Wednesday 7th of April ‘’Our Future Planet’’

13.00h Drs. Sabine van Rooij on “The Netherlands in 2120, a nature-inclusive future”

15.00h Green Office Workshop: ‘’How to think green?’’


Thursday 8th of April ‘’Our Future Behaviour’’

13.00h Prof. Dr. Witte Hoogendijk on “Live like a beast”

15.00h Workshop Meditation


Friday 9th of April ‘’Our Future Society’’

13.00h Prof. Dr. Roelof Hut on “Alive & Ticking: how your body clock maintains your health”

15.00h Dr. Jaron Harambam on “Truth as Societal Problem. The Sociology of Conspiracy Theories”


There is so much going on right now, that it is sometimes nice to just let it all go and start thinking about better times. What will our future look like? During this symposium we will look at our future from four different perspectives and it is completely up to you which lectures/workshops you like the most. We are using a Passe-Partout, which means that you can subscribe for each day individually. Already curious about our symposium? For only 4 euros, you can enjoy a week full of interesting topics and relaxing workshops. Besides, for the first ones to sign in, there will be a nice goodie (while supplies last)! The workshops have a limit of 20 participants, so make sure you sign up in time! You will be notified via mail if you are enrolled for the workshop. Are you ready to take this dream flight with us to the future and beyond?


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