Symposium: The future, today we present tomorrow - CANCELLED

Symposium: The future, today we present tomorrow - CANCELLED

The 9th of April our yearly symposium will take place and there will be four amazing speakers to tell you everything about the future! Witte Hoogendijk is head of the psychiatry department of the Erasmus MC and co-author of the book ‘Leef als een beest’. He will speak about the increasing prevalence of depression and burn-outs. Désirée Goubert works for our own university and will speak about designer babies. Vincent van Suylen will tell us everything about a machine that can be used to improve the quality of donor hearts. Finally, Martijn Aslander, philosopher and co-author of the book ’Nooit af’, will speak about the development of chip implants and the influence of this on our society.

Furthermore, during the symposium you will have the opportunity to join our seminars. Reinder Broekstra, an ethicist, will guide a debate about further related topics. Dana Nijstad will give us insights into the world of trendforcasting. Together with Roots and Shoots we will develop our own plan to improve our surroundings for animals, humans and nature. Our own Sustainability Committee will show us how to make our own sustainable personal care products. 

Afterwards we will have some drinks together and you will get an amazing goody to take home. Would you like to get to know more about the future? During the drinks, bookstore Van der Velde will provide the opportunity to buy some books written by our speakers and books about other related topics. 

Costs for Idun members are 7,50 euros and for non-members 10 euros. Lunch and drinks are included. You can sign op via

We hope to see you there!
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