Biomedical Career Event

Biomedical Career Event

Dear Idunaren,

On April 15th we, in collaboration with study associations Studiosi Mobilae (movement sciences) and SV Mens (medical natural sciences), organise an online career event. Top companies such as Janssen (Johnsson & Johnsson) will be attending! Get to know more than 12 different companies and ask them your burning questions. The day will consist of an opening presentation by Pie Medical Imaging, 2 workshops and 3 speeddate rounds. And at the end, it's also possible to visit the attending companies to discuss e.g. possible career opportunities.

So if you are in your Masters or late Bachelors (first years are also welcome of course) of BME/BMS and don't have an idea what to do after your studies, sign up for this event en we will hopefully see you there!

If you want more information, don't hesitate to send an e-mail to

Important: After you sign up you will receive an e-mail with some follow-up questions like speed date preferences and information about the attending companies. Please fill this in for a better experience on the event.

Best wishes,

Board Callisto

ps. Unfortunately due to the fact that not all associations are international, not all the workshops/speed dates will be in English.


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