Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery

Hey Idun-detectives!

When the streets are empty after 21:00, nothing really exciting happens anymore… Or am I wrong? We heard there has been a murder!! But who is the killer? It's time to get together to solve this bloodcurdling mystery!

In our online murder mystery game, you can hear stories from the suspects and interview them yourselves! Whose story is believable, and who is lying? What did the suspects hear and see? What do they have to hide? During this activity, you and your team will try to find answers to these questions and come closer to the solution on the way.

The teams will consist of approximately 6 people and you will meet up online on our Discord server. We will make the teams, but you can give up one preference for a teammate. You may recognize this poster from before, but this time we have decided to open it up not only for firstyears, but for anyone who likes to join!

So are you bored from sitting at home all day and are you ready to meet some new people during an exciting activity? Sign up now on!



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