Attention to all Idun members!

A once in a lifetime event has been organised by the Papzcie, the Movie Bingo! Take part with a friend from inside or outside of Idun. Together you can share an amazing ‘borrelbox’ for only 14 euros, put together by the amazing Lustrum committee. This box will be filled with amazing snacks, drinks and goodies. For example 4 lustrum beers you can share together during this activity.

If you want to participate with more friends outside of Idun or just want some extra snacks, you can order a second ‘borrelbox’ for two people for 20 euros (as you can see the price for the first box is worth it!). When subscribing, make sure you subscribe with an even amount of people. So for example, one Idun member with 1 or 3 introducees or two Idun members (that both sign up).

If you choose to take part in this activity be prepared to win not just for honour but for great prices too!

The activity will be online from 19.00 till 21.00 on the 12th of April, so if you want to sit together with your partner you have enough time to make it home before curfew. Do you want to get the borrelbox made by de Lustrum committee and a chance to win these amazing prices, sign up now on

Please mention your partner if you want to sign up in a pair. You are also able to sign up individually and we will match you with another participant as the box is made for duos.

Hope to see many of you on the 12th of April, see you there!




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