Meatless Monday 2.0

Meatless Monday 2.0

We are sure that everybody is happy that restaurants are open again and we are just as sure that your student wallets aren’t.

Monday the 17th of May is a great day to give your wallets a break, and we are here to help! From 18h00, we will be holding our second Meatless Monday livestream on our Instagram page where we will cook with you in real time. It will be an interactive event in which we can chat with you about sustainability and other topics, and show each other how the delicious plant-based meals are coming along.

We will provide the food for you to cook free of charge! Each participant will need to pick up their own ingredients from one of the Ecolution members near the city 1 or 2 days before the event (exact location to be sent by email after sign-up). The only catch is that we will require everybody who fetches their food to BYOB: BRING YOUR OWN BAGS. If you took part in the last meatless Monday, the produce nets we gave out are perfect to bring along. We will announce what containers to bring when we reveal the recipe on our Instagram page (@ecolution.idun). Expect to bring a small bag/produce net, a container and/or a jar(s).

If you want to give your wallet a  break and cook yourself a delicious plant-based meal, make sure to sign up on the Idun website!

Follow our Instagram page (@ecolution.idun) for the recipe announcement, to keep up with any changes and to take part in the livestream!

With Green Love,



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