Info drink Bachelor students

Info drink Bachelor students

Hello Bachelor students,

We are organizing an Master info drink for Bachelor students on the 8th of March from 19.15 until 22.00. The drink is an addition to the CaCo workshop 'How to choose your master?'

During the drink, Master students will be present to answer your questions about their experience, courses, choices, and application procedure. So are you still in doubt about your choice and want to know more? Join the drink on the 8th of March! 

There will be master students present from the following masters:

- Biomolecular sciences 

- Biomedical Sciences

- Marine Biology

- Biology

- Biomedical engineering

You will get a free drink and snack at a maximum budget of 2 euros. The receipt has to be sent to the PennyPhone together with the name of the event, your name, and your bank account number. 

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