InNatura's Anatomy Lesson: What happens in the UMCG Basement?

InNatura's Anatomy Lesson: What happens in the UMCG Basement?

InNatura’s Anatomy Lesson: What happens in the UMCG Basement?!

Our dear members, it’s been a while however to start off the new year, we present you a rare mind-blowing activity: a visitation to the UMCG basement. For those unfamiliar to what happens in this particular basement, the medical students and anatomy department perform dissections on human bodies. These bodies are donated to science after death and used to teach and perform research on by the UMCG. 

Many of us see, hear and learn things about findings in the bodies of patients and what it tells us about their possible disease e.g. hippocampal degradation in Alzheimer patients is a familiar sight in the Biology bachelor. But how researcher get those results is something left unknown for many of us life science researchers as this part of the job often belongs to medical examiners. To get more insight on how and what patient physiology can tells us, we organized this event. 

In this afternoon, starting at 15:00 till 17:00, we will receive a short introduction including how body donation works, the type of specimens the UMCG anatomy lab holds etc. After this, we all head straight to the lab, where we won’t just watch but we will actively investigate dissected specimens by assignments given to us to identify organs, muscles and other major body parts. 

We hope you will be able to join us for our first and very special event of 2020. Be quick as this event is pretty exclusive. The costs for joining are 10 euro’s for Idun members. 



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