InNatura Applications

InNatura Applications


Do you want to join a committee? And don’t know which one to choose? InNatura might be the one for you!

We are the braintainment committee of GLV idun. We organize educational, interesting and most of all fun activities. 

Some of our activities are:
- Watching the stars
- Learning about wolves
- Visiting the umcg basement
- Sign language course
- Treasure hunts

We organize approximately 6 activities a year and meet up every 2 weeks for some quality time and of course to discuss committee business. Besides these meeting we have committee dinners, days and weekends. Where we organize fun things to do as a group!

Are you enthusiastic, full of ideas and want to help us organize fun educational activities? Then apply now by sending an email to! Applications are Tuesday the 19th of October in the evening, we hope to see you then! 

Love InNatura