Gala: Midsommar Ball

Gala: Midsommar Ball

Beloved members of GLV Idun,

The FCP is elated to announce that we will not be stopped by the Big C in holding the annual gala!
The Gala is our biggest activity of the year, so we’ve put a lot of effort into planning around corona to make sure we can hold a safe, yet unforgettable Gala.

This year’s gala is special in many way, also because we’ve worked together with the LustrumCommittee to give the Gala a special theme; “Midsommar”. Midsommar is an activity celebrated by the lovely people of Sweden with a focus on having a nice dinner, listening to music and playing games where people dress summer chique. While we can’t copy every aspect of Midsommar since we have to be careful with corona still around, we can try to make it as close to the original as we can with some of our own twists.

Since we can’t have a big number of people together all at once, we’ve decided to make it a 2 day Gala so we can still give as many of you a memorable Gala as we can. Because there won’t be as many spots available as previous years, the activity will sadly not be open for intro’s.
The Gala will be held at the Graanfabriek from 18:30-23:00 on the 25th and 26th of June.
Entertainment will be provided by Lelium, an amazing band which has 2 members of our very own association!

The tickets will cost an estimated €35,-.
This will allow us to present you with a delicious buffet which is completely vegetarian including a dessert, as well as unlimited drinks including soda, beer, wine and Dutch distilled liquor.

Ticket Sale
The tickets will be available from Wednesday the 9th of June 19:00, they will be sold online through the GLV Idun site. Where you can choose whether you want you go on the 25th or the 26th of June. You can also inform us if you want to sit at a table with other people. The tables will fit 4 people so can you can inform us of 3 people you’d like to sit with (this is not mandatory, if you don’t inform us of anyone you want to sit with we will put you at a random table). Please discuss this with your friends beforehand so we can make everyone happy with the table arrangements. The enrollment will close on the 21st, after this you will receive an email in which you’ll get some extra information.

Since we have to make sure we follow all guidelines properly be sure to wear a mask when standing in line, when walking to the toilet, etc. We will provide stations where you can disinfect your hands, please use these regularly. If you are experiencing any of the complaints fitting with corona don’t come and please let us know so we can give your ticket to someone else. If you are able to take a corona test beforehand please do so!

We hope to see you there,

Hugs n Kisses,

FeestCommissiePartysquad & LustrumCommissie


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