GALA 2019

Dear members of GLV Idun,
We of the FCP are happy to say our biggest activity of the year is coming up, the annual ball!
You may have seen our teaser some time ago, but in this message everything about the ball is going
to be revealed! Since the ball is our biggest activity we aim to make it a night you won’t forget and to
make such a night happen a fitting theme is required.
The theme we’ve decided on this year is *insert drumroll hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*………
‘Havana night: a night of explosive color and fun for every kind of biologist’
So dust off your party dresses, floral print skirts, frilly gowns, Cuban hats, short-sleeved shirts etc.
and get ready for a night to remember.
The location for this banger of a ball will be Huize Maas, located on the Vismarkt on November 13.
The ball will last from 22:30 until 03:30 and the people who will get you into the right mood with
their amazing musical skills are the sickeningly good band ‘Flu fighters’ and festive DJ Christian Lukes.
Next to this, a professional photographer will capture how good everyone looks throughout the
evening. Music and a good mood isn’t the only thing we have to offer, there is more!
There will be an open bar meaning there will be unlimited drinks for the entire evening, these
selection of drinks consists of beer, wine, soda and Dutch distilled liquor. All of these factors
combined will ensure the night will be magical.
As for the general information, the tickets will cost €19,- for members and €22,50 for introducees.
Next to the regular tickets, we have tickets for sale with the added option of a dinner before the ball,
where the entirety of the FCP and the board will be as well! This dinner will be held at Tapasco.
They will prepare a beautiful 3-course dinner for us! These tickets will cost an additional €20,- there
is a limited amount of these available (48 in total) so if you want to get one of these, be quick!
The ticket sale will start on October 29. Next to the 29 th tickets will be sold on the 31 st of October, and
the 5 th and 7 th of November as well. The location for the sales will be the CVL (the canteen of
Linnaeusborg) and ADL (the canteen of the UMCG). We will be at these locations on these dates from
11:45-12:45. You will get your gala strap right after you’ve enrolled. Make sure you don’t lose it since
you will NOT receive a new strap. If you have lost your strap, you will have to buy a new one at Huize
Maas at the start of the ball. If you decide to buy a ticket for an introducee, we will make sure they
get it at the start of the ball as well, so make sure to inform your introducee about this if you have
one (just tell them to ask for a strap at the cloakroom where we sit).
As we do every year, we’ve also arranged a sweet deal for everyone who is interested in buying a
costume for the ball. The discounts this year will consist of a 20% discount on EVERYTHING available
for sale at catwalk, which lasts until November 30. If 25 dresses or more are sold to members of GLV
Idun there will be a draw. Whoever wins this draw will get a full refund on their dress!
Just remember to bring your student card and mention you’re a member of GLV Idun (you can do
this by logging on to the GLV Idun site and showing that to the salesperson at the counter).

You can unsubscribe (Give your bracelet back to the board, only then allowed) until 12 Nov. 15.00.
We hope to see a lot of you at the ball on November 13!
Lots of love,
FeestCommissiePartysquad (FCP)


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