FCP applications

FCP applications

Dear members of GLV Idun,

It’s that time of the year again where the opportunity of a lifetime is coming your way!


The FCP is the craziest, most fun, sexiest, smartest and insane committee of the entire study
association. Our official duties include organizing monthly themed parties called “Idunights” where
we have our very own DJ, many different kinds of booze and insane amounts of fun. Next to this, we
organize a yearly pub-crawl where we visit many of our cities finest pubs to show you guys how great
our city is (and how to drink!). We also organize a yearly cantus which is a very Dutch-like activity,
you sing songs acapella until your throat is sore and drink beer to lube it right back up for an entire
evening. A new addition to our roster of activities is the yearly “first dates” where we find fellow
members of GLV Idun their soulmate. Last but not, least we organize the yearly ball! This is what
we’re mostly busy with since it’s a very large undertaking every year. Hundreds of people flock
towards this activity every year so organizing it is a lot of fun! We meet once a week in busy periods
of the year and once every 2 weeks when there isn’t a lot we have to do.

Onto our not so official duties. When we’re not meeting up to discuss official business we like to
hang out at someone’s home or at the Noorderplantsoen and drink whilst playing games. We also
organize a yearly committee weekend where we (and some of our retired members) go crazy for an
entire weekend. We like to celebrate Santa Claus visiting, Christmas and the New Year in one crazy
activity called “SinterKerst & New” or “SantaChrist & New” in very broken English. Lastly, we like to
organize a yearly activity where our new members organize a day for the entire committee which
ends up with everyone being drunk out of their minds. As you may have noticed we like to drink and
have fun!

Now our question to you is: do you think you’d be a good fit for our committee? Do you like
organizing parties? Do you think you’re a sexy, fun, smart motherflecker? Then do not hesitate and
hit us up at feest@idun.nl
with an informative but fun E-mail about yourself explaining why we
should hire you (bonus points for including your best party picture)! You can do this until the 26th of
, after which we’ll send you an info mail on the 27th of October inviting you for an interview
on the 28th of October
somewhere in the afternoon / evening.

Lots of love and crazy greetings,