Expedition Robinson

Expedition Robinson

Have you always wanted to participate in Expedition Robinson, but are too unlucky to be a
Then this is your chance!
Expedition Robinson is a famous Dutch TV show in which celebrities have to do adventurous
activities in a survival setting.
On 21 November you can do exactly that!
The event will partially be organised by Binn'n Pret Groningen.
We will not reveal more details, but do bring your sports clothes.
Are you interested? Then apply A.S.A.P on idun.nl or the idun app!
What: Expedition Robinson
When: 21 November 19.00-22.00
Where: Ulgersmaweg 52
Costs: €11
Make sure you're there in advance.

Lots of slimy kisses,

S.L.A.K. (Sports Committee)


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