Excel Workshop

Excel Workshop

Dear members, 

Last year, the Facebook poll on workshop preference showed a distinct answer. So here it is, the long-expected Excel Workshop! 

The aim of this course is the increasing the understanding of Excel, so that problems can be solved more efficiently and professional models can be created. You will learn how to make large models easy to handle, working with advanced formulas and functions, working with databases, summarizing data with pivot tables, detecting and preventing errors and you will learn how to automate operations by means of simple (recorded) macros. Extensive experience with the basic functions of Excel, including the making of (simple) calculations is a requirement. Furthermore, some experience with setting up models in Excel is a prerequisite for the highest possible efficiency.

Since this workshop will be a 3-day course, this will take place on three different days, from 18.00 till 21.00. The first date is the 28th of October, the second on the 4th of November and the third and last one on the 18th of November. It will take place on Linnaeusborg and it only costs €15,- to participate. So, don't hesitate any longer and sign up after 19.00!

The sign out date is before the 18th of October, so before  and you can sign up until the 21st of October. 

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