DIES: Endparty

DIES: Endparty

Dear Idunaar,

To close off the DIES week with a bang, Ms Iduna invites you to celebrate her 16th birthday one final time on Wednesday the 15th of June at Bax Bier from 21:00 till midnight. During this celebration, an award show will be hosted by the lovely Sil and Kantert. Here the board will give out magnificent awards to committees based on subjects like most animals harmed, sweetest and tallest committee! So make sure you’re there (or be square). The final winner of the Gotcha will also be decided on during the end party. 

During the party you are invited to party like you’re young. Throwing up from drinking too much Fanta is allowed. To aid with this we kindly ask you to dress like your sweet 16 year old self. 

As a present Ms Iduna would like you to donate an amount of your choice to this year's DIES charity: Jimmy's. We will reveal the total amount of donations during this evening. 

Lastly, the first 250 craft beers specially brewed by Bax Bier will only cost you €2.50! So sign up now!

We look forward to seeing you teenagers at Bax!

On behalf of the birthday girl,

Xx Board Phoenix


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