BMS Master Drink

BMS Master Drink

Hey BMS Master students,

Are you already slightly tired from the courses you have had this year and need some distraction, would you like to blow off some steam and socialize with your fellow master students? Then we have just the thing for you!!! We are the Biomedical Sciences Master community and have organized a lovely Friday Afternoon Drink (Vrijmibo) for BMS Master students. It is on Friday the 15th of October from 16:30 to 19:00 at the Kroeg van Klaas. You can go there after your course is done and have a nice and relaxing afternoon spent drinking with your peers. The first drink will be free so there is really no reason not to come, that is if you sign up at Please mind that in order to join you need to have a Corona Passport (QR code) which shows that you have been completely vaccinated, recovered or tested negatively.  

 So sign up and come to the Kroeg van Klaas to have a relaxed drink!

See you there,

The BMS master community 


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