General Members Assembly

General Members Assembly

The seventeenth board of GLV Idun would like to invite you to the General Members Assembly (GMA) on the 22nd of March. The GMA will start at 18.30 and take place at Bernoulliborg 5161.0105. To make sure you have time enough to eat something, this GMA you can sign up for pizza eating as well (sign up at GMA: Pizza Party). This will start at 17.30, for other people the room opens at 18.00, there will be 30 minutes to enroll and find a seat. Make sure you arrive on time, because you will only be allowed to enter or leave the room during the suspensions.

The GMA is the moment where the board takes account of their actions. The GMA is also an opportunity to share your views and opinions. The minutes of the previous GMA and the important articles can be found on the website, under the header 'My GLV Idun' > 'Articles'.

It is obligatory for all committee chairs and treasurers to be present. If you are not able to attend the assembly, it is possible to authorize somebody else to vote instead of you. This authorizations have to be admitted to the board in writing (per email)before the starty of the assembly. At least two people from every committee are expected to be there, so if the chair or treasurer is unavailable, please authorize someone else from the committee.

See you at the GMA!

Yours sincerely,

Board Hedgehog