Treasure hunt - Murder on the Groningen Express

Treasure hunt - Murder on the Groningen Express

It’s the last week of classes before the Christmas holidays and you are looking forward to gathering with your family and friends. You have been waiting for this trip for a long time. It's finally time to take that train to the airport when suddenly… a murder has been committed! There are many questions, a lot of suspects, and so little evidence. Yet the most important thing is… who is the murderer? If you dare solve this mystery then don’t hesitate and sign up! 

The Treasure Hunt: Murder on the Groningen express 2.0 will take place on December the 4th between 12h and 16h here in Groningen. The activity will be carried out in pairs, so you can sign up with your partner or be linked up with somebody randomly. Be aware that this is an outdoor activity, so bring warm clothes with you. Come to enjoy some free hot chocolate or tea and snacks. 

Sign up from November the 22nd 19:00 until December the 1st. There will also be a prize for the winners. So, be the first to solve the puzzle and win the prize!

The InNatura committee 


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