Lunch Lecture

Lunch Lecture

Dear Idun member,

The Career Committee is back with our first Lunch Lecture of the year! This time our speaker will be none other than prof. Dr. Anton Scheurink!

“At the age of 18, I was one of those many high school students who wanted to study Medicine. I did’t get in, for three years in a row. Studying Biology was only plan B. This probably explains my interest in physiology, endocrinology and neuroscience and the fact that all my research projects were focused on (pre)clinical application.

And then things just happened. A PhD position in Groningen, because I was at the right place at the right time. A two years postdoc position in Seattle, shorter stays in other exotic places such as Kopenhagen, Stockholm and Cincinnati. Just because the opportunity was there. There was never a plan. The good news is that you will never know whether you make the right choices because there is no control experiment.

In my presentation, I will  tell you about my career, the choices I made and the differences with the current situation. I will also explain why I decided to do that much teaching. And you will understand why somebody who starts with the hypothalamic regulation of energy balance ends with studying the reward system and addiction. It all makes sense, afterwards.”

The Lunch Lecture will take place on 29th of October, at 13:30. It will be held physically in Nijenborgh (NB) basement room 5118 -152.

Bring your brains and empty stomachs and we hope to see you there!


The Caco


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