End Party

End Party

Dear Godchildren and Godparents,

Hereby we announce the fact that the introduction period will be coming to an end. We hope we (the EI) and the Godparents (and mentors) have helped you explore Groningen and know your way around on Zernike campus and within GLV Idun.

But…. not so fast. We have one more activity celebrating all of the above and providing you a chance to get to know all other first years, not only your mentor- and godparent groups. 

The end-party is at Stadslab, a little west of the city, that hosts drinks for large groups on an artsy terras. Bring your Idun friends as well as your sweater.

There is more: for 15 euros you can buy the ‘Arrangement Student’ that includes 3 drinks (soda/wine/beer) and a cocktail. At Stadslab itself you will receive coins that can be exchanged for the drinks. Now this is cheaper than buying the drinks on location, so you know what I would do.

Of course, it is also possible to sign up for free and buy your drinks on location.

Either way, sign up and be there with us or be vierkant!!!!!!

Lots of love and kisses,

The EI


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