Dear Idunaren,

We are happy to announce that is SpecOps 2021 is on! However, due to Covid-19, there are some changes we made to the original SpecOps.

We will stay in Groningen and we will do an activity that we are planning there on May 15.

The activity will start around 11 AM. It is a full day of fun so make sure you are free! In the evening we will make sure you will be fed with dinner and a borrelbox by the LuCo! You can join in teams of 2. Both of you have to enroll on the Idun site, and mention your teammate in the comments. It is also possible to enroll on your own, in that case we will find someone else for you to team up with.

So don’t forget to sign up April 28th on 8 PM and we will see you on May 15!

The FA


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