Bob Ross'ing

Bob Ross'ing

Dear Idunaren,

The dies is coming up, and the week of culture was cancelled... soo, you know what that means: time to activate all the creativity that's clogged inside of you during the dies! We are organizing an amazing Bob Ross'ing workshop! Be prepared to paint happy little trees and mountains on that beautiful canvas. And remember: "We don’t make mistakes. We just have happy accidents."

The workshop will take place on the 8th of June from 16:00-19:00 and it will be hosted on Youtube, with our own famous Fritz Ross! The participant’s fee will be €10 including all the materials that you need. For this, you need to be able to pick up the materials in Groningen on June 6th or 7th. This is definitely worth the costs, because you’re allowed to keep the materials! If you’re not in Groningen, or if you already have the materials yourself, you can sign up as well for only €2! These are the materials that you need: paint in different colors, brushes in various sizes, a fan brush, a rectangle canvas and painting knives.

Sign-up opens on June 1st at 13:00. Make sure you sign up quickly, because you don't wanna miss out on this.

You don't need to be talented to participate in this workshop. Everyone is able to Bob Ross!! He always says “You too can paint almighty pictures.”, just keep that in mind and join us to paint happy little trees!

Idiomotor and Bob Ross ️


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