Hey there boys and girls,

because of popular demand and because we are bored the Wabber is organizing another Online Suitequiz! On Thursday June 11th during the dies from 20:00 until 00:00. Like last time we will be doing this on discord but unlike last time we now ask for an entree fee. Not only because we would like some more appreciation for the awesome activities we organize but mainly because of this years dies charity: Stichting AAP. Due to this change the signup will be slightly different: 1 member of your team signs up on, but don't forget to name your (max 6) team members, team name and leave your e-mail. Surili it is a Gibbon that there won't be any Monkey business, but this tail couldn't be FURther from the truth. Although my Marmoset I shouldn't be Geunon these Dryas puns or my readers will Roloway, I think they are Howlers and I don't give a Monkey's ass because all this playing the Tamarin while drinking Capuchino is making me go Bananas.

Xxx the Wabber


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