Beer tasting

Beer tasting

Hey there young trainer,

are you ready to head into the world? You will have to wait a little while longer on that, but we can help you to prepare to become the very best! Like you, we want to catch them all, so we organized an event to educate you. In two weeks time you could be sitting at home doing nothing, or you can join the Wabber's craft beer tasting and sit at home while experiencing 6 craft beers with snack while a guest speaker provides some information about your drinks. For only 13,50 we will deliver a package of 6 craft beers and snacks to your home in Groningen and for 18,50 anywhere in the Netherlands. As the poster says we will be doing the tasting Tuesday 26th from 20:00 to about 00:00 but because of the logistics you can apply until next week Tuesday 19th. Sign up at and don't forget to fill in your address, email and allergies. Good luck young man and I hope to see you soon.

Xxx the Wabber


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