Hello everyone!

This is an announcement for the 27th of February! We teamed up with the Wabber and organised a great evening for you. After the success of last year, we decided to organise LINGO again! This will be done on a Thursday, starting at 17:00 and during the weekly borrel (so enough to drink for the thirsty people).

Do you think you have the skills to win? Sign up and test your skills in this amazing linguistic bingo game. You can sign up on the Idun site and if you want to sign up as a team, please also send an email with your names and your team name to

If you’re too shy or don’t want to compete, you can join as our audience (provided that you yell GREEEN when the participants are grabbing for balls)! There will be snacks and a great price for the winners and afterwards we can all go to the idunight for some victory drinks!


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