Hello lovely Idunnaren,

We are happy to announce the next Drink&Think event of the year! The CaCo and Alumni committee have teamed up, to create an informal way of getting to know about more career possibilities for you! The best part? Working on your future while sipping on a beer. Three alumni members will be telling us about what they’re currently doing, how they got there and any advice they might have for students currently at university. This Drink&Think event is a wonderful opportunity if you have an interest in learning about future paths or would like to do some networking. In between the three old Idun members talking, there will also be a chance to ask questions and get to know them more! More information about the speakers will follow. Are you interested to learn what you can do after your degree? Do you want to know where old Idun members have ended up working? Do you simply want to enjoy a free beer? Then come on down to room 5173.0176 on the 16th of January. Walk in is at 17:00 and the activity starts at 17:15. You can even go straight to the borrel of the Wabber afterwards. We hope to see you there!

The CaCo and the Alumni