SDPA - Special Dinner Plus Alcohol

SDPA - Special Dinner Plus Alcohol

Dear Idunaren,

We are proud to announce this years theme for the annual SDPA (Special Dinner Plus Alcohol): Ethiopia! At the SDPA we gather all our cooking skills and put together a delicious meal. This year we've studied the Ethiopian cuisine and put together a diverse meal with native recipes and Ethiopian ingredients. After dinner, we will test your taste buds with a liquor tasting competition. Here you can relax and process all the new food experiences you've had at dinner.
The SDPA will take place January 15 at the ORKZ (Emmastraat 15) and will cost approximately 9 euros. This is THE opportunity to expand your culinary visions and perceptions and get some change in your eating habits. You can't keep eating pasta, soup and 'stamppot' for the rest of your life, can you?

Hungry yet? Sign up December 13th, 19.00 at (please mention your food preferences and possible allergies).

We hope to see you all at the SDPA!


The FA


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