Escape room

Escape room

Dear Idunaren,


After last year’s success, there will be another escape room this year! 


On the 4th of December you have the chance to travel to the wonderful world of Egypt! In this beautiful country, you will find difficult riddles and puzzles to solve. This will lead you to the ancient tomb! 


Are you in for a very mysterious and adventurous escape room? Do you think you’re smart and can unravel the clues to find the treasure in the ancient tomb? Then sign up quickly!


The Escape Room will take place ‪on the 4th of December between 17:30 and 21:30‬. There are four groups, so you can start either at ‪17:30‬ or ‪18:30‬ etc. You can sign up tonight (November 20th) at 19:00 at for your preferred time slot. There are only 40 spots, so make sure you sign up on time!


Mysterious greetings,



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